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Project Description

Steve Izett: HVC Board Member (Pastor, South Perth Baptist Church, Executive Director, The Mosaic Centre)

Steve is passionate about helping people discover the beauty of Jesus through the creation of sustainable social enterprises and missional communities.

Steve spent 17 years spearheading the planting and development of the Carey Community, a hybrid church with a 1400 student K-12 College, Before & After School Care Centre, Early Learning Centre, Community Centre and Café.  A core value of Carey’s culture is the commitment to plant sustainable missional hybrid campuses and communities. Having accomplished the planting of its first child campus, Carey is looking forward to its next plant.

In 2012 Steve embraced the call to lead the renewal of the 112 year old South Perth Baptist Church. Over the past 7 years South Perth has developed the Mosaic Centre, a hybrid missional community which now includes a vibrant 52 place early Learning Centre, The Living Room Community, and soon to launch Mosaic Wellness Community, a social enterprise focusing on health and wellbeing. South Perth, though a small church now punches well above its weight in terms of mission and supporting other church plants and social enterprise.

Steve is married to the wonderful Kimberly and father to two adult children, Sarah and Esther, father-in-law to Brad, Sarah’s husband and grandfather to two beautiful grandchildren, Olivia and Zachery.