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Project Description

Brenda Newland: Operations Manager

Brenda is the Operations Manager for Healthy Vibrant Communities and attends the Southport Campus of CrossLife – a baptist church.

Brenda is a qualified Project Manager, with experience on Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 1 and 2, and worked for the City of Gold Coast Council as a Project Manager for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Prior to moving to the Gold Coast in 2007, Brenda lived in London for two years, working for Mercer HR Consulting on a new superannuation project package.

Brenda grew up in Sydney, where she attended as a child and young adult local Anglican churches. Brenda loves God and wants to see His kingdom grow, and sees HVC as a new way forward for engaging with people about the Gospel.

Brenda is married to Scott with one beautiful daughter, Naomi.